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Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

The National Curriculum for maintained schools in England stipulates that the teaching of foreign languages is required from KS2, however, at Kilmorie we teach it from Year 1 as we know the importance of introducing children to other languages as early as possible.  

At Kilmorie, the children learn French as their modern foreign language. From Year 1 – 6, children are taught by a specialist French teacher. Reception children are taught through songs and rhymes in a less formal manner, in line with the Early Years Curriculum, this helps to maximise both their progress and love of the language. Children in years 1 and 2 have a 30-minute lesson every week, while the children in year 3 – 6 have an hour every other week. French lessons focus on talk tasks. They promote peer learning and boost the confidence of children when speaking a new language, making it highly inclusive. 

The National Curriculum states that learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures. We whole-heartedly agree with this and believe that learning a language is just the beginning. Therefore, we ensure that our children also learn about the culture of several francophone countries from Belgium to Benin and from Madagascar to Mali. In Reception children learn a French Congolese song. 

French lessons include learning about the culture of the French overseas territories such as learning about Christmas in Reunion Island in year 6. French is taught progressively and built on throughout the year, each year group has a story book aimed at making the learning more relatable in today’s world.  

As well as being taught in discrete French lessons (with a focus on practical communication), the language is woven into classroom routines, for example the register being taken in French. Cross-curricular links are made wherever possible: in Music children learn traditional French songs, PE instructions are delivered in French. Our classrooms include French displays and book corners are equipped with bilingual books to allow children to explore the links between English and French independently.